"Master Fox", Catalina 30 Mark II,
Saint Simons Island, Georgia USA
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Welcome – Skipper’s Log Book

Welcome to Skipper’s Log Book, your one-stop shop for all your boat maintenance and record keeping.  Now, anytime you make a mechanical change to your boat i.e. oil changes,  timing belt replacements, fuel filter changes etc, you can record it here.  We’ll also keep a record  of all of your electrical changes, boat modifications, and electronic upgrades so you can maintain and access your data in one location.  You can log any excursion records of your trips with photos, location links to Google Earth, and blogs so others can follow along with you.


Google Earth Tracking
All ship's log entries with valid coordinates entered are viewable via Google Earth links. There is a "help" tag on the coordinate entry to assist with placing your exact location on the log entry. The Google Earth World Map link is located on the home page, and for your specific location on the "Browse Log" page. Google Earth links will only be available if the Log Entry has been checked to "Show Log", and your coordinates have been entered. If you have questions on this procedure, submit them through the Support Forum.

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